Daily Grace Talks One Direction’s Live While We’re Young [VIDEO]

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Before you watch the video, you should know that their is some adult content featured. Sexual innuendos and cuss words are all over the place. Proceed with caution and a sense of humor.

Most of the time I’m a little unsure of how I feel about Youtuber, Grace Helbig’s videos. Many people find her hilarious, but I’m not always so convinced. This all changed the moment I saw her video posted on Monday. For those of you who read my last post about her, we know that she usually uses Monday as her day to talk about random things. This time, due to One Direction’s new video release, it was that.

Her “cousin” Stephani aka Spicie made an appearance, decked out Jersey Shore style. She basically reviewed the newest video for “Live While We’re Young.” Her commentary, in my opinion, was absolutely hilarious! Many of the points she made were really good, even though everyone should know she really wasn’t being serious.

Loyal “Directioners” were unimpressed with this video, but that’s probably because they didn’t take it with a grain of salt like you’re supposed to with all of her videos. She was in no way trying to insult them. I’m sure even they could laugh at themselves.

In response to their “get some” lyric, Helbig said, “The get some?! The girls are all waiting for you to get the some!” Absolutely love it! To hear more of her hilarious jokes, watch the video above!