Daily Grace Covers Pop Culture

Honey Boo Boo gets remixed!
Locked Up
Amanda Bynes locks herself in a boutique dressing room.
Youtube vlogger, Daily Grace is someone I’ve been following for a while. Her name is actually Grace Helbig. She posts about various subjects and usually adds a humorous twist to everything. I will admit her humor is kind of dry, so not everyone will understand the jokes she’s making.

Mondays seem to be very random days. You never know what Grace is going to do. On Tuesdays she comments on comments posted on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Youtube. Every Wednesday, she reviews something. Thursday, she attempts to teach her followers how to do something. Friday is known as “Sexy Friday”.

Today, which is Wednesday, she decided to review pop culture. With everything going on in the news lately, it seems like that was a really good decision on her part.

Helbig gave her opinion on the Kate Middleton fiasco, as well as Amanda Bynes’ recent downfall. Her take on both of those were definitely amusing. My favorite part would have to be when she compared the Disney family to the Nickelodeon family.

What do you think of Grace? Funny or not so much?