‘Daddy’s Girl’ Still Creeps Me Out

March 17th, 2006 // 23 Comments

There’s that whole incestuous overtone that just bothers me. For the record, I am not implying any incestuous relationship between Brad Pitt and Zahara.

(Source: Hello!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Trixie

    hmmmm … the Soon Yi of the future?

  2. Trixie

    hmmmm … the Soon Yi of the future?

  3. classicsusan

    Looks like he’s being a great father figure…Lucky kids.

  4. Brad Is A Loving Dad

    Well, if you guys would get your screwed up minds out of the gutter. Give me a break!

    Do you people like Trixie not believe in Karma??? If you assume ugly things about this little girl and her dad, what about your kids? You think God will ignore your mean nature?

    Also, why doesn’t anyone get upset at the term “Mama’s Boy”? Does it suggest incest to you nasty people too?

    What I see in these pixx is a man who carefully guards, protects and love his daughter as all fathers should. Brad shows there are all kind of father-daughters and at the heart of it is love.

    Zahara is one lucky little girl to go from 9 lbs close to dying to being Brad Pitts’s daughter. God has blessed her.

    What a cutie.

  5. doofus

    if you had read for comprehension, “brad is a loving dad”, you’d see that miu is NOT commenting on Pitt’s relationship with Zahara, but just on the term “daddy’s girl”.

    in fact, she makes a specific disclaimer that she’s not implying an incestuous relationship between the two. so chill a little bit, okay?

    terms like “daddy’s girl” can bring different connotation to different people. to miu, it’s kind of dirty…to you, not so much.

    I do, however, agree with you that Brad does appear to truly care about his kids.

  6. Brad Is A Loving Dad

    Doofus: Well how cowardly of Miu if she was not referring to Brad to use a post about brad and Zahara (and a link to an article about them) to begin a discourse on the incestuous connotation of the term “daddy’s girl”.

    The association will be made regardless of her disclaimer becaue it is on the same post. She clearly did it to incite a heated debate but I thnk it is irresponsible.

    Again, “Mommie’s boy” is commonn – does that have incestuous connotation?

  7. Kelsey

    Momma’s boy does not have the same effect, because you don’t use the term Mommy when refering to someone of sexual authority.
    The term “Daddy” is often used in sexual play and the like. i.e. “Who’s your daddy?” Have you ever heard ‘Who’s your momma?” No, it’s just not the same effect. If the woman is dominating, it’s more of a…well not so much talking as it is so much whipping haha.

    It was not cowardly of Miu, she was just stating a fact, and putting up pictures. I would also like to know how it is irresponsible? Chillllllll.

  8. Brad Is A Loving Dad

    Sexual play: “Come to Momma” “momma’s got somethin’ for you”…I guess it depends on your sexual play but the word Momma has been sexualized.

    For that matter the word baby is sexualized “who’s your baby”, etc

    What I think is the problem is that men are GIVEN this authority by society whereas women are seen as docile and passive. So Daddy’s girl is automatically seen as predator-victim.

    It is a sexist society that supports these connotations. Granted most people who abuse children are men.

    I am simply saying Miu knew exactly what she was doing by posting this. Look at the first poster. the very first poster goes straight to the subtext of Miu’s post by making reference to Mia Farrow and Woody Allen and Sun Yi.

    Miu is well aware that having a headline stating the names of one of the most famous men in the world and his daughter and underneath it a disclaimer rejecting implications of incest will do the very thing she wants people to do – imply incest.

    It is a great ploy and she would not be the first media person to do this.

    I think it sucks though.

    If Miu was serious about the issue, she would of simply posted the term without using the article on Brad and Zahara as a link.

    It is irresponsible because it ignites reference to a problematic subject and ties that reference to two innocent people (Brad and Zahara).

    the little girl is 1 yrs old. no need to surround a discourse on the problematic subtext in commonly used expressions on her relationship with her dad.

    It is cowardly. And naive, at best.

  9. Bobby

    I think the only person who would find that term incestious is someone who had a terrible relationship with their father( who most likly was a dead beat) and can’t comprehend the love between a man and his daughter. Don’t hate, appreciate.

  10. Kelsey

    Hmm i forgot about those momma terms
    Ok, i get your point now, however, this is an opinion site, for Miu namely, plus it was just to add her own little piece to the post. I really don’t think that the comment was supposed to be that deep. I’m sure that if the first poster read the article, they may not have posted that…
    plus, it’s not like this will start rumours of incest. It’s read by plenty of people alright, but no one takes it that seriosuly.

  11. doofus

    to loving dad…

    since I don’t know what miu was thinking (and neither do you), I’ll give you my take.

    I think she used that “headline” to make a point…as in, “why do people still use this term because it makes me think of an incestuous type of relationship”. not implying one exists between Brad and Zahara, but saying she doesn’t like the connotation of the term that the headline writer used. and you’re certainly entitled to disagree with my impression of her intentions.

    the whole point of this blog is for miu to post not just her opinion, but her opinion ON celebs in the news. so posting something on that term by itself is not something she’d do. what she does is take things “in the news” and comment on them.

    I don’t consider that cowardly.

    personally, I think using those terms in sexual play is gross…I wouldn’t judge what other people do in the bedroom (unless children or animals are being abused) but it’s just not for me. Making any connection between my lover and my dad…EW!

  12. Small Fry

    Brad is a Loving Dad, stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. I’m sure you say plenty of things that people don’t agree with and I don’t hear anybody jumping your shit. Just take a chill pill. We’re all here for fun.

  13. Krystyn

    why is God being brought into this? It’s a gossip site crazies.

  14. Brad Is A Loving Dad

    Well, I am glad at least you all are debating the issue.

    Personally, I think Miu posted this for dumb sensationalism. That to me is cowardly but you are right it is her site and she can do as she pleases.

    You all continue your discourse on I don’t know what cause I don’t know exactly what she intented for people to be talking about on this thread.

    Kelsey, I hear what you are saying in your last post.

    Anyway, enjoy!


  15. Brad Is A Loving Dad

    Sorry, I did not finish my post (clicked on send to early)….

    Anyway, enjoy!

    Barbara Walters interviewed Mia Farrow on this very issue did she not? What did Mia have to say regarding Woody and her daughter?

  16. Girl #1

    Brad clearly ADORES his daughter. They are so cute together. Glad he has found this beautiful life.

    Zahara must be much more pleasant and interesting company than Jennifer Ansiton.

  17. Books

    No one knows if he’s a good father or not just from pictures of him constantly carrying the baby.

    If they were that concerned with their children, they would give them a stable, comfortable home rather than flitting from place to place every few days. How can Maddox have any friends?

  18. Tictac

    I can not believe how low Team Manniston would sink. To make such sick and dangerous innuendo. First the racist comments about the baby now this. Team Chinnifer Manniston are pure evil. I never want to see another episode of friends. Absoulutely vile. I know that there are some bitter wives that who when dumped tell kids to lie that their dad abused them Manniston and her Team are are bad as these bitter, lying, conniving women. What a bad loser.

  19. Tasha

    SNORE!!!! I am SO bored of hearing about Brad- be it ‘Brad’s split with Jen’, ‘Brad and Angelina’ and now ‘Brad and his incestuous relationship with his daughter’. It seems to me they’re running out of Brad-related topics. Whatever the reason, I beg of you…DEAR GOD please make this stop before I fall into a coma due to severe Brad-induced boredom. Please.



  21. doofus

    uh, tictac?…

    “team maniston” had NOTHING to do with this post.

    your colors are showing…



  23. Tictac

    Sorry Doofus you’re right. I have been silenced. LOL.

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