Dad sits next to Nick Jonas on a flight and of course, he has no idea who he is

A dad who unwittingly sat next to boy band heartthrob Nick Jonas on a flight has gone viral after his daughter tweeted their adorable text exchange.

Deanna Hall, a student from the University of South Florida, recently found out just how far her dad would go to make her happy when he texted her a rather puzzling message while flying first class on a Delta Airlines flight.

Dad sits next to Nick Jonas on a flight
CREDIT: Deanna Hall/Twitter

“Who is Nick Jonas?”

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Befuddled as to why her dad would ask such a random question, Deanna simply texted back, “A famous singer. I love him. He was part of the Jonas Brothers.”

Turns out that famous brother was sitting directly next to her dad on the flight. Not knowing why everyone on the plane was making such a big deal about the handsome young passenger, her dad had asked Deanna to help identify him.

With her daughter professing her love for the singer, Dad quickly confirmed the stud was sitting right next to him. Deanna immediately texted back – in all caps, no less – “TAKE A PIC WITH HIM. TELL HIM I LOVE HIM.”

And as good fathers are prone to do, her dad didn’t hesitate to snap a selfie with the star, in what could possibly be the most heartwarming ‘Aww, Dad’ moment of all time.

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Deanna shared the pic on Twitter where it was shared more than 49,000 times and liked more than 186,000 times. Surprisingly, many of the comments that poured in were not about the famous pop star, but of her sweet dad.

Dad sits next to Nick Jonas on a flight
CREDIT: Deanna Hall/Twitter

“Your dad is so pure. I love this,” wrote one person, while another commented “Your dad is so precious.”

Well done, sir!

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