Cynthia Nixon’s Boobies Were Once In Peril

Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon, recently revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that she underwent treatment for breast cancer, after being diagnosed with the disease two years ago. Because her mother is also a breast cancer survivor, Cynthia said that she always suspected she might have to face the disease herself.

Cynthia admits that she is just now talking openly about her bout with cancer because when she was undergoing treatment, she didn’t want to have to face media scrutiny. She said, “I didn’t want paparazzi at the hospital.”

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of her with her girlfriend Christine Marinoni in the thumbnail in the bottom left. OK, is it just me, or does it look like a pair of fraternal twins dating? That always creeps me out. Like when Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson were an item. The uterus is not a place to meet your mate.

Photos: WENN/Getty Images

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