Breaking News: Cute Guy From “Prison Break” Going To Prison For Four Years

October 31st, 2007 // 9 Comments

Ouch. Well, you killed someone. Mistake or not, somebody’s in the ground and it was your fault. Lane Garrison has been sentenced to four years in prison for the drunk driving incident that killed a seventeen-year-old. There’s some weird irony here in that he was getting famous for playing a prisoner. There’s also a scary factor in that he’s probably much too cute and well-built to be able to remain unmolested in jail. He might want to think about investing in a chastity thong or something.

Before sentencing, a highly emotional Garrison told the victims’ families he was “genuinely remorseful” and “sickened” by his behavior that night.

TMZ was in court as the judge told Garrison he will get credit for the 91 days he has already served. That, combined with California’s Work Time/Good Time early release program, means he will likely be in state prison for about 20 months.

He must also pay close to $300,000 to the Setian family and to the two girls who were in the car.

Garrison was said to have been quiet as he was taken away in handcuffs after sentencing. Damn. Can you think of anything worse than jail? Well, being killed in a drunk driving accident, yeah, but besides that?

By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    Man, what a waste, all the way around…

  2. peachpie

    after the accident, at least he stood up and took responsibility for what he did rather than try to weasel out of it using some sleazy, lame excuse. *coughpariscough*

  3. ickivicki

    I agree; I will give him props for stepping up.

  4. stolidog

    i agree, he’s in for a world of butt trouble. Poor guy.
    At least if Prison Break is still on when he gets out, maybe he can get his job back and bring some real authenticity to the role.

    Seriously, I feel badly for everyone involved.

  5. ccoper

    I feel sorry for the family. Sorry for him. I appreciate how much regret he has. I hope people learn from this.

  6. Ruby Jackson

    What a sad photograph.

    His expression says it all.

  7. jimi

    Can’t say as I feel that bad for him. He won’t serve the entire time as was mentioned. Still the best way to get away with killing someone . . . drunk in a car. I know that wasn’t his, or anyone else’s intention, but we still need to hold people accountable. A person is dead . . . gone . . . no more. Life goes on for everyone else. Even for Garrison. When he’s out of prison and likely welcomed back into Hollywood with open arms, the 17 year old will still be dead.

  8. nastybugger

    while I sincerely believe that he is sincerely remorseful for his actions, I can’t praise him or give him credit for something he’s SUPPOSED to do…that is, admit he was drunk, and that he killed that kid when he crashed.

    it says a lot about our views of celebs (or anyone, for that matter) when we will praise someone for OH MY GOD! actually acting like a human being is supposed to act, and admitting their mistakes.

  9. Laura

    While it´s true that he´s responsible for that death and so he has to pay for it, I don´t think what Paris Hilton or other DUI charged people did was any better. They just got lucky that nobody got in their way, but as far as what they were doing (drunk driving) it´s the very same thing. If they didn´t kill anyone it was fate, and not anything they could control.

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