Cute Overload: Suri Cruise Sports The Perfect Party Outfit [PHOTOS]

Suri Cruise's Silly Faces
The many funny faces of Suri Cruise.
This is what you call New York City party outfit done right by Suri Cruise.

The super cutie was spotted in NYC with her mommy Katie Holmes yesterday (February 3) heading out to what we can only imagine is a super fun and swanky New York party. Like, the kind people with kids in fancy schools throw.

All the colors on Suri are perfect, as is that adorable headband. Girl knows how to work the headgear even when she’s crying. Katie looked cute, too. Well, what we could see of her outfit at least. I assume she’s starting to dress better now that she wants to go to law school. Cause that’s a thing.  

And it’s just what you do when you get a divorce from Tom Cruise. That, and enroll your daughter in super swanky schools so you get invited to super swanky parties.

I mean, come on, they’re clearly not going to a Super Bowl party! I’m thinking something more like Blair Waldorf’s 7th birthday. Launch the gallery to check out Suri’s cute outfit. Alright guys, what do we think is in the box?!