Cute Overload! Shakira Shows Of Adorable Milan In Miami

First Pics Of Shakira's Baby
Shakira reveals first picture of son Milan
Guys! Look at those cheeks! Tell me you just don’t want to squeeze the cheeks on Milan’s face.

Proud mommy Shakira was showing off her adorable tot in Miami yesterday (June 6) as the duo went to visit Shakira’s baby daddy, Gerard Pique. And would you look at that, they’re even bringing a tiny soccer ball along.

So what do you think Shakira thought of Adam Levine’s “I hate this country” slip on The Voice? I bet that whole judging panel got a stern talking to after that. Also, am I the only one who wishes that Shakira and Christina Aguilera would be on the same panel? 

Just imagine for a second how awesome that would be. They need to duet like, pronto. Make it happen, world.

Launch the gallery to check out all the ridiculously adorable photos of Milan. Think he’s gonna grow up to be quite the looker? Let us know in the comments!