Cute Overload: Nahla Aubry Enjoys A Beach Day With Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez [PHOTOS]

Halle's Bikini Body
Halle Berry and Nahla with Olivier and his family at the beach.
Nahla & Daddy
Gabriel Aubry takes daughter Nahla Aubry for a day at the park.
Talk about an adorable family. Super cute Nahla Aubry clearly enjoyed her day at the beach with mom, Halle Berry, and soon-to-be step-dad, Olivier Martinez. She played in the water, played in the sand, made sure Olivier was only paying attention to her–I’d say that little girl has got it all figured out. 

The best part of these photos is looking at how great Olivier is with Nahla. It’s like they’re meant to be! I’m sure this makes actual dad Gabriel Aubry a little upset, especially since he doesn’t want Olivier to officially adopt Nahla. Damn she has so many attractive people in her life. It’s just not fair. 

I kinda love how Nahla makes a game out of running into Olivier’s arms. I bet Halle is just over the moon that these two love each other so much. Check out all the super adorable photos in the gallery. Are you seeing the familial love too?