Cute Overload: Mason Disick Spends The Day With Mommy & Daddy

35 Cutest Pics Of Mason
Aww. Mason Disick is such a little cutie!
Just when I thought I was done with the Kardashians, here comes my favorite member of the family to pull me back in.

Mason Disick was looking particularly adorable yesterday (June 2) as he was spotted catching a movie with his mommy and daddy. I’m enjoying Kourtney Kardashian’s summer look. From a dressed up look to something more casual, that girl knows how to dress.

Also, Scott Disick with facial hair is my favorite Scott Disick. I like him way more than shirtless Scott Disick. So how do you think Mason is dealing with his new cousin? 

It’s like he barely got anytime to be the only kid before his sister Penelope showed up and now there’s North West taking all that attention. Don’t worry Mason, even with all these other kids, you’re still gonna be my favorite. Especially if you keep wearing plaid shorts.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Mason being his adorable self. Now is the part where we guess what movie they went to see. My money is on Monsters University. Leave your guess in the comments!