Cute Overload: Mason Disick Looks Adorable, Hits The Beach With Daddy [PHOTOS]

35 Cutest Pics Of Mason
Aww. Mason Disick is such a little cutie!
Tiny child playing on the beach. Oh Mason Disick, you so cute.

The Kardashian & Disick off-spring was spotted with dad, Scott Disick, enjoying the Miami beach side this weekend. Also, why isn’t Mason wearing a real swimsuit? I mean, this is the kid who was once spotted a Burberry sweater on the playground, you think he could get like a Speedo or something.

I wonder how Mason is doing with new sister Penelope. He seems like one of those kids that loves other kids, so I’m hoping it’s just a case of , “Mom! I want to play with Penelope now!” Clearly dad Scott still has quite the soft for his daddy’s boy. 

Is it just me or did you expect Scott’s body would be better than that, too? Based on all the time he spends grooming himself I was expecting some six pack action. Apparently not.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Mason. I may not like Scott very much, but he did help create one super entertaining child. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mason is my favorite Kardashian.

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