Cute Overload: Mason Disick Hits The Mall With Papa Scott Disick [PHOTOS]

35 Cutest Pics Of Mason
Aww. Mason Disick is such a little cutie!
Well would you just look at the cuteness that is now three-year-old Mason Disick.

The tiny Kardashian offspring was spotted in Miami yesterday (December 16) doing some Christmas shopping with papa, Scott Disick. Mason seemed much more receptive to the cameras, and people in general, than Scott. What do you think it’s like for Mason growing up with cameras around him his entire life?

You would think it’s exhausting, but Mason takes it like a pro. I’m sure he’s already training younger sister Penelope for such things. Just look at how cute they are on the beach together. Family cuteness! You know the best thing about Mason?

That hair! For quite a long time I thought the long was silly, but now that he’s getting older it’s starting to fill out a bit and it looks awesome. Still not as fabulous as father Scott, but pretty darn close. Let’s be honest, that head of hair is Scott’s only redeeming quality.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness that is Mason Disick at the mall. I can’t even deal with how much I love those photos of him on the escalator. Cute! Is Mason your favorite Kardashian like he is mine? Sound off in the comments!