Cute Overload: Marlowe Sturridge Says Hello On An Outing With Mommy Sienna Miller [PHOTOS]

Sienna & Tom In Paris
Do you think Sienna and Tom were celebrating the baby news?
Tom & Sienna In Italy
The couple took their love out for a little Italian getaway.
Look, look, look at Marlowe Sturridge! That child is adorable!

This is the first real look we’ve gotten at little Marlowe and it most certainly has not disappointed. The little tyke was spotted out and about in NYC this weekend grabbing some coffee with mommy, Sienna Miller. Sienna looked a little miffed at the paparazzi following her around, but Marlowe didn’t seem to care.

This could be because Marlowe’s only 3 months old, but still. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 3 month old with so much hair. Look at it! It’s so long, it’s had to be parted and brushed. Well done, Sienna and Tom Sturridge. Speaking of Tom, where is the proud papa?

He’s be pretty much missing in action since taking Marlowe for a stroll back in August. It’s cool though, because Marlowe looks like you just shrunk down Tom, so really, Tom is everywhere!

Launch the gallery to check out all the ridiculously adorable Sienna and Marlowe pictures. Alright, we need to find a baby friend to set Marlowe up with. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!