Cute Overload: Marlowe Sturridge Pops Her Head Out To Say Hello In NYC [PHOTOS]

Sienna & Tom In Paris
Do you think Sienna and Tom were celebrating the baby news?
Tom & Rob
The dynamic duo walk the dog!
We should all cherish this moment of getting to see Marlowe Sturridge’s face, because who knows how long that will last.

The tiny tot has just been a busy New York butterfly all week as she’s been spotted out and about with parents Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge. The family looked rather adorable together on Sunday (October 14) as they enjoyed an afternoon stroll.

Sienna really likes putting Marlowe in all sorts of slings. I guess she’s not a fan of actually holding her, but still being able to have Marlowe close by. Personally, I prefer it when Tom holds the baby because a) it’s adorable as evidenced by these pictures and b) then it just looks like there are two Toms, am I right?

Also, I’m digging the little bit of affection we’re getting from Tom and Sienna in these pics. They’ve been very hands off since welcoming baby Marlowe into the world, so it’s good to see they’ve still got it.

Also also, Marlowe’s baby hat is the best baby hat. Launch the gallery to check out all the super cute family photos. So who do you prefer holding Marlowe: Sienna or Tom? Tell us your vote in the comments!