Cute Overload: ‘Mad Men’ Star January Jones Spotted Out & About With Xander

January Jones & Lil Xander
New mad mom takes adorable son Xander out shopping.
Guess what time it is? Baby time! Mad Men star January Jones was spotted in LA today (August 26) looking cute and toting around her little bundle of joy, Xander. I love that Xander is so blonde and therefore will always look like he’s bald. Well, until he grows up and his hair fully grows in, of course.

January looked rather chic on her afternoon outing. I’m pretty sure those are sweat pants she’s wearing, something I generally frown upon, but she’s really owning them sweat pants and making them work. Also, anyone else miss January’s red hair or is that just me?

I can’t wait for the day when we finally find out who Xander’s daddy is. This might be difficult since he looks more and more like January everyday. Like a tiny, baby boy version. Check out all the super cute photos of Xander in the gallery. So, do you guys think he looks super bald? Or is that just me?