Cute Overload: Lorenzo Gets Bundled Up For An Outing With Snooki

Snooki & Lorenzo
The New Mom Shows Off Her Mothering Skills With Son
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Snooki gave birth to one seriously cute little boy.

The Jersey Shore star and her son, Lorenzo, were spotted in New Jersey today buying some snow gear at Big Boyz Toys. When I first read that, I was very confused. Then I Googled Big Boyz Toys and it all made sense.

Also, babies in puffy coats make me so, so happy. Look at the tiny baby cuteness! So, have you guys seen Snooki’s latest video?

It’s Snooki and her BFF Joey having a very serious discussion on her website about Dennis Rodman and his friendship with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. Nothing has made a North Korean dictator this funny since Team America: World Police. Check it out.

And when you’re done with that, launch the gallery to appreciate Lorenzo. Brava, Snooki. Brava.