Cute Overload: Hilary Duff, Baby Luca & His Hat Do Some Shopping [PHOTOS]

Hilary Duff
The star walked in the Heart Truth fashion show.
Look at the tiny baby in the tiny beanie hat. Is anything cuter right now?

Luca Comrie looked perfectly warm and comfy as he made his way into Bristol Farms with mommy Hilary Duff. It’s still kind of weird to think of Hilary as a mom and wife. I mean, wasn’t she playing Lizzie McGuire like, yesterday?

Guess not, and she’s got the mommy miles to prove it! We haven’t gotten to see too much of Luca, so it’s nice to know he’s growing up to be a cutie. It’s always easier to tell parents they have a cute baby when the baby really is cute. So whatever happened to that movie career Hilary had going on?

Well, apparently it’s on hold as she’s doing that whole mommy thing. I’m kind of hoping she comes back for another guest stint on Community. It’s the only role of hers that I’ve enjoyed since the days of her as Lizzie. I figure once she gets into the swing of motherhood she’ll be on it.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of baby Luca and mommy. Where does Luca rank for you on the celebrity babies scale? Let’s say on a scale of new born Mason Disick (he was not a pretty newborn) to Louis Bullock. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!