Cute Overload: Harper Beckham Looks Darling In Blue While Out With Her Fashionable Mama

Harper Seven
The baby stuck her tongue out at the cameras.
Harper Beckham! Stop being so adorable in your fashionable clothes!

No, wait! Don’t actually stop. Everything in celebrity child land would get really boring without you and your cuteness all over the place. Harper brought plenty of cuteness yesterday as she and super fashionable mommy, Victoria Beckham, enjoyed a day out in London.

Things must be pretty warm over there since the duo were both sporting their most fashionable spring attire. Harper went for something cute and blue in a strappy summer dress by Bonton. The youngster also wore a pair of cute beige flats by Chloé, that you just know Victoria is obsessed with. 

I mean, just look at what she’s wearing. She’s got some beige going on with her platforms heels. Also, I want her orange skirt. Like, I would wear that everyday and enjoy it. Oh you Beckham ladies. We love you. Side note: Victoria, I thought we asked you to put her down. Come on!

Launch the gallery to check out all the adorableness coming from the Beckhams. Are you guys enjoying Harper’s spring look as much as we are? Will you be fighting me for Victoria’s skirt? Sound off in the comments!