Cute Overload: Harper Beckham Looks Adorable, Enjoys Some Soccer With David Beckham [PHOTOS]

Harper At The '12 Games
The tot geared up for her first Olympics.
Yes! Tiny child being cute with her attractive father! Who read my diary?

Cutie Harper Beckham was spotted in LA today (September 22) watching her older brothers play soccer. The tot was joined by papa David Beckham, who I’m sure was checking out which of the young kids he could one day recruit for his star soccer team. At least that’s what he should do. Team Beckham Family!

Harper looked lovely in some baby skinny jeans, a white shirt and her hair tied on top of her head. There are few children who can actually pull off the hair on top of the head. Harper is one of them. The tiniest Beckham seemed to be having quite a good time with her father. So when do you think we’ll see Harper head into the fashion world?

Well she’s already getting her start at New York Fashion Week. Sorta. I mean, her mother is Victoria Beckham, so we know at some point either Harper will be modeling for real or even designing.

Think Victoria and David get into fights about what Harper is going to do? “No! She’s going to play soccer!” “No! She’s going to be a fashion and music icon!” Oh Harper, have fun!

Launch the gallery to check out all the super cute photos from Harper and David’s father-daughter day. The ones of David giving her kisses are my favorite.

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