Cute Overload: Flynn & Orlando Bloom Do Some Holiday Shopping [PHOTOS]

Orlando Bloom
The proud hubby watched Miranda Kerr walk the runway.
Ladies and gentlemen, here they are, the most fabulous father/son duo in all of Hollywood: Flynn and Orlando Bloom.

The adorable pair were spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday (December 22) doing a little Christmas shopping. We can only assume they’re buying loads of pretty things for mommy/wife, Miranda Kerr. Maybe some lingerie from Orlando? Although, she is a Victoria’s Secret model, so, does she need to actually purchase it?

Also, look at how cute Flynn is in his little winter outfit. The boots, the sweater vest, the hat he rips off because children hate wearing hats–well, all children except for Skyler Berman. Cuteness is all around us. So what’s new with Papa Bloom?

Other than still owning the deed to my heart, not much. He wrapped up his newest movie Zulu a little while ago, and will soon be headed into production on Cities. You know, I feel like Orlando is doing all of these movies and all of them disappear from theaters before people get to see them.

But people will for sure being seeing the second installment of The Hobbit that Orlando is in! Yay! Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Flynn and Orlando. Who is your favorite father/son duo in Hollywood? Let us know in the comments?