Cute Overload: Flynn Bloom Spotted In NYC, Hangs Out With Miranda Kerr’s Leg [PHOTOS]

Hey Flynn's Mom
Miranda Kerr poses nude!
I think we can all agree that these photos of Flynn Bloom have filled up our quota of cute for the day.

The tiny tot was spotted in New York City this afternoon hanging out with none other than his Victoria’s Secret model mom, Miranda Kerr. Honestly, Flynn, Miranda and papa Orlando Bloom are probably the most attractive family in Hollywood. Or at the very least among the top 5.

Flynn looked super cute sporting some brown pants, a cardigan and, of course, a cute cap. What’s up with celebrity boys recently? First Skyler Berman was all about the hats, then Louis Bullock and now Flynn. I’m surprised they even let it stay on their heads. Also, hey Miranda’s leg. 

I guess the model is just so used to showing off her body for various fashion shows, she needed to look a little sexy out on the town. I’m sure Orlando appreciates it. Speaking of Orlando, where is my knight and shining armour? It’s been a while since we’ve seen the whole family together. Get on that!

Launch the gallery to appreciate the cuteness that is Flynn Bloom. I love the pictures of him walking. You know he’s walking super slow–as babies with tiny legs do–and Miranda is trying her hardest to keep in pace. So cute! So who do you think is the best dressed celebrity male child? Flynn, Skyler or Louis? Leave us your vote in the comments!

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