Cute Overload: Flynn Bloom & Mommy Miranda Kerr Out & About In NYC [PHOTOS]

Flynn's Walking
He may be wearing only one shoe, but Flynnn is walking!
Miranda Kerr
The Victoria's Secret model at a viewing party.
Those cheeks! As the son of an incredibly beautiful couple consisting of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, it’s really no wonder why little Flynn Bloom is so cute. I mean, the cheeks, those eyes, the hair that’s finally starting to come in…I love babies! Especially babies that are related to Orlando, because we all know how much I love him. 

Flynn and mommy Miranda were spotted in New York City over the weekend taking in the sights. In this case I’m assuming the sights were a bunch of drunk fools dressed in green–kinda like this one. But more importantly, where is daddy Orlando? He was missing from Miranda and Flynn’s last outing, too. Sad pants. 

Check out all the ridiculously cute Flynn photos in the gallery. Tell me you don’t just want to pinch them cheeks. You know, I may love her husband, but I respect that Miranda. She has some fabulous genes.