Cute Overload: Flynn Bloom & His Puppy Are Here To Brighten Your Day

Flynn Loves The Sex Pistols
Flynn Bloom is rocking his Sex Pistols booties!
Ladies and gentleman, this is the true definition of a “cute overload.”

May we present to you the always adorable Flynn Bloom cuddling up to his brand new puppy, apparently named Frankie. Are you overloaded yet? Yeah, that’s what I thought. See! These are the fun things that happen when the Kerr/Bloom family in in New York city walking around!

The other fun thing that happens is seeing Orlando Bloom shirtless. Too bad there was none of that going on today in addition to Flynn and his puppy. That might have actually made me pass out from awesome. 

Still, we get pretty Miranda Kerr. I mean, obviously she upsets me because she’s married to my man, but even I can admit that she’s too beautiful for words. Plus, she gave birth to Flynn, who is currently being precious.

Launch the gallery to get your very own dose of cute overload. Do you feel the need to go out and kiss a baby and hug a puppy too? Tell us in the comments!