Cute Overload: David Beckham Makes The Little Ones Laugh As He Visits A Chinese Children’s Hospital

David Beckham's Prank
Beckham pulls a fast one on Target customers.
As if David Beckham wasn’t awesome enough as it is, the soccer superstar seems to want to take his perfection to the next level.

David was all about making the kids laugh yesterday (June 20) as he visited a children’s hospital in Hangzhou, China. Look at him, playing with toys and smiling at kids. Although I bet they’d love him even more with that smirk of his.

David is currently in China on a round of soccer promotions. Things got a little crazy yesterday as some of his fans were injured trying to meet him, but it seems to have died down. 

So do you think the children’s hospital visit was his favorite part so far? I mean, sick children is never fun, but there’s got to be something wonderful about knowing you made their day with a laugh or a hug.

I bet David just misses his own kids a whole bunch right now. Alright folks, launch the gallery and appreciate all the cuteness. It’ll definitely be one of the highlights of your day.