Cute Overload: Daniel Radcliffe Cuddles Up To A Doggie On The Set Of ‘Trainwreck’

Little Daniel Radcliffe
The 'Harry Potter' star back in 2008.
Somehow writing the word “doggie,” even though it’s a grown up dog, just makes everything sound cuter.

But let’s be honest, a golden retriever cuddling up on Daniel Radcliffe is pretty cute in and of itself. The actor was spotted in New York City today on the set of his new movie Trainwreck.

He was surrounded by loads of dogs and it was really, really adorable. Although if we are to believe Trainwreck director Judd Apatow, those are all Daniel’s dogs. 

Very little is known about the movie, and Daniel’s involvement wasn’t even known till he showed up on set today. Then this Tweet from Judd basically confirmed it all.

Aww, good times in the world of Twitter. So let’s have some good times in the world of Daniel. Launch the gallery to check out just how cute he can be with a doggie. Also, I want that doggie.