Cute Overload: Charlotte Prinze & Pregnant Mommy Sarah Michelle Gellar Out & About

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Honestly, look at Charlotte Prinze’s face. That is one adorable child. Especially with those pig tails. The look of controlled judgement on her face is perfect and her outfit totally matches. What more could you want from a celebrity child?

Hopefully we can expect more of the same when pregnant mom Sarah Michelle Gellar finally gives birth. Sarah revealed the news she was pregnant back in April. You know what’s great about Sarah? She’s a really pretty pregnant person. Her outfit is cute, she looks happy, there’s just a lot of good going on.

Now where is papa Freddie Prinze Jr.? We haven’t seen him since the day at the zoo. Won’t lie, I miss him. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Charlotte and Sarah in the gallery. Now tell us, who is your favorite celebrity family?