Cute Overload: Tom & Gisele’s Boy Benjamin Brady Brings All The Moms To The Yard

Gisele Bundchen was and still is the hottest super model in the world and Tom Brady, one of the most popular NFL players. Together, they created a love child and that child is freaking adorable. Did we mention how much we love Gisele’s new ‘Mom’ look? But don’t think that her body isn’t as bangin’ as ever!

PHOTOS: Gisele Bundchen Dons Bikini For Beach Play With Benjamin

Seen here, Benjamin Brady, sports some stylish clothes at a playground in Boston while his famous mom is in Brazil. He was escorted by a nanny. This kid already has women eating out of the palm of his hand. Knowing his father, it will just get more and more dangerous as time goes on. Recently, the family was seen looking at new homes. I’m sure little Benji will be the king of whatever kingdom he roams.