Cute Overload: Arthur Bleick Gets Loads Of Kisses From Mommy Selma Blair [PHOTOS]

Babies? Please!
The couple was just babysitting, but can you just imagine?!?!
Zachary & A Baby
Zachary Quinto & Jonathan Groff take a baby for a stroll.
Look at all this mother/son cuteness right here!

Selma Blair was spotted in LA today (October 30) packing the kisses on her little boy, Arthur Bleick. I mean, can you blame her? There’s nothing quite as wonderful as kissing a little baby head. Especially with all that soft baby hair.

Plus, Arthur finally seems to have come out of his awkward baby phase–all babies have one–and has entered the ranks of Hollywood’s cutest tots. Can’t wait till this one starts walking and talking like one of our other favorite Hollywood boys. Although I assume Arhtur’s hat collection will be a little less fabulous. 

Side note: I really appreciate the fact that Selma named him Arthur. It’s not a name you hear much anymore, but think of all the great Arthurs! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur Penn, Arthur Miller, Arthur Darvill and very soon, Arthur Bleick.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of mother and son. Where do Selma and Arthur rank on your list of favorite Hollywood mother/son duos? They were somewhere in the middle for me, but since seeing this adorableness, I can safely say they’re in the top 5!