Cute Overload: Andy Cohen & A Whole Lot Of Snoopys [PHOTOS]

Just when you thought Andy Cohen couldn’t get any cuter, he poses with a gaggle of Snoopys! Andy Cohen, everyone’s favorite Bravo VP of Programming, attended a screening yesterday (March 31) of a brand-new Charlie Brown straight-to-DVD production and Andy hosted a discussion afterward.

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TV Guide talked with Andy Cohen about his love of Snoopy and how long the pair have been BFF’s:

“Oh, I have been Snoopy’s best friend in my head forever. In fact, when I was little, I had this stuffed Snoopy and my dad would take him and act like he was whispering things about me into his ears and I believed he could hear him. [Laughs]”

The story behind how Cohen got this Snoopy gig is pretty funny. Check it out after the jump.

“I did a video-blog that was a tour of my office and in it, I opened my closet and there was this huge bag full of Snoopys—I always keep a surplus of Snoopys so when people I have babies, I can send them one. So I had this bag and joked “oh my god, they’re suffocating!” Then I opened the bag and hugged them, I was like “it’s ok, you can breathe again.” Somehow, Jean Schulz, who is Charles Schulz’s widow, saw this video and discovered that I was this huge fan, so they invited me to host this event at the Schulz Museum. I am so excited! And by the way, I don’t have time to do this, but its one of those things that you clear your schedule for. If you are summoned to Snoopy HQ, you go!”

That’s why we love Andy Cohen. Share your thoughts on why you love Andy in the comments below.