Cute Overload: Alyson Hannigan’s Daughter Satyana Enjoying A Stroll With The Parents [PHOTOS]

'American Reunion
Chris Klein and Jason Biggs filmed in Georgia.
Oh my god that little girl is so cute! Satyana Denisof was spotted in LA enjoying a sunny stroll with parents How I Met Your Mother stars, Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof. Yeah, Alexis is totally on HIMYM. He plays Sandy Rivers. Who knew those two were married? The adorable family are eagerly awaiting baby number 2, which will no doubt be as cute as baby number one. 

Alyson has just been a busy little bee of late. Not only is she working hard on her TV show, she’s also busy promoting her newest film, American Reunion. The film gets the whole cast of the original films back together–just like the premiere did. I really like seeing everyone. Honestly, they haven’t changed that much. 

Now back to how cute Satyana is. Well done, Alyson and Alexis, well done. Make sure you launch the gallery and check out all the adorable family photos. They all just seem so happy together. If I didn’t like them so much it would make me sick.