Cute Overload: Aleph Millipied Heads To The Gym With Mommy Natalie Portman [PHOTOS]

Natalie Turns 31!
Natalie Portman spent her special day with her attractive family.
Looks it’s a super cute, celebrity baby!

Today we got a fabulous look at the cutie that is Aleph Millipied, son of Natalie Portman and uber hottie Benjamin Millipied. Sure we’ve seen Aleph before, but it’s so fun to see how he’s looking as he grows up. His hair is becoming a little less red. I’m still confused why it was red to begin with.

Aleph and Natalie were spotted in Los Feliz heading to their community center gym. Mommy and me classes perhaps? How cute would that be? Well, it would be cuter if it was mommy and daddy and me classes. I really like seeing this whole family together, don’t you?

Natalie recently open up about wanting to spend more time with Aleph. Let me rephrase, a source for Natalie said she wants to spend more time with Aleph. Hence her lack of movies since the cutie was born.

I guess we can swing with that for a little while. But Natalie, come back to us soon! We need more actresses who look sweet but can bust out a mean rap!

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