Cute Kids Alerts! Zuma & Kingston Rossdale Take LA By Storm [PHOTOS]

Kingston Is THE MAN
One of Hollywood's coolest kids.
Cute! Zuma and Kingston Rossdale, aka the celebrities world’s funkiest boys, were spotted in LA this weekend running some errands with their nanny. Mama Gwen Stefani and Papa Gavin Rossdale were nowhere to be found, but who cares cause Zuma and Kingston are awesome enough to handle life on their own. 

When did Kingston’s hair get so long? What happened to the super funky hairdo? I suppose he’s all about hair fads in his youth. Also, Zuma’s t-shirt is cracking me up. Clearly the Rossdale brothers were into color outfits for their day out. 

Launch the gallery to check out all the super cute pics. Honestly, I can’t wait to see how these two are gonna look in 20 years. I’m thinking they’re gonna be some real lady killers. Yes?