Cute Family Alert! Matt Bomer Gives A Bear Hug Goodbye To His Boys [PHOTOS]

Matt Bomer's Abs
Matt Bomer teases us with a glimpse of his abs.
Somebody get me some smelling salts! I’m fainting from all the cuteness!

Uber hottie Matt Bomer was spotted in NYC today giving a fond farewell to his three Musketeers, Kit, Walker and Henry. Seriously! Look at the way they’re hugging him! How could he possibly stay away from them at all? Ahh, the difficult life of an actor with kids.

Matt has been a busy little bee recently. What with the latest season of White Collar and all the rumors about him being Christian Grey. Well, not so much rumors as much as fan dreams. 

That Simon Hall is one lucky man. He gets to go home to Matt every night. Well, most nights, when Matt isn’t off filming and being his dashing self.

Check out all the ridiculously cute family photos in the gallery. I love how the oldest one is giving him a kiss on the head. Aww! Also, the way the kids are holding hands as they walk to the car. Precious! Make sure to grab your smelling salts, too! Trust me, all the swooning isn’t good for your balance!