Cute Boy Alert: Olly Murs

That last boy we alerted you to was Joe McElderry, the winner of last year’s X-Factor. Well, this boy was actually the runner up on that season! What a coincidence. I saw Olly Murs’ new music video for the song “Thinking Of Me” and asked myself, “Self, who is that?” And lo and behold this was him.

So what do you think? Your type or no? Don’t worry ladies, this guy is all yours…he’s been rumored to be dating singer Diana Vickers.

In honor of Murs’ first single going to #1 in the UK charts, he posed with nothing but his fedora for Heat magazine as a thank you to all the ladies that bought his single. Oh, I’m sure there were quite a few lady boys that bought it as well.

Check out his videos…

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