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August 16th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Photographer Chase Jarvis is well known for creating dynamic pop culture and athletic images. He’s one of those superstar photographers you would be madly jealous-of, if you were a talentless hater. Which I’m so, so sure you’re not.

OH! He’s also cute, well-respected, 35ish and married — to a lady, even! His online gallery is here and he has a blog, of course.

That’s why it’s even more frustrating nice to know Mr. Jarvis is involved with Blue Earth Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving powerful images and creating a thorough record of the stories so many of us miss in these days of Posh and Becks. They raise millions to make sure journalism stays vibrant, engaging and educational.

And by they, I do not mean V and D – but since were speaking of communicable, here’s a few of the Alliance’s documentary projects that caught my eye.

Angel Island: The Ellis Island of the West
Photography by Lydia Lum

This project aims to collect photos and stories from the few remaining survivors of one of last century’s classic examples of white people bullshit.

You see, between 1910 and 1940, more than 175,000 Chinese men, women and children were detained on an island in San Francisco Bay. Many languished for years in this prison camp which was built, at taxpayer expense, to “protect American jobs” from immigrants. White politicians claimed these foreigners would destroy America.

Sound familiar?

The Glass Between Us: Reflections on Urban Creatures
Photography by Rebecca Norris Webb

Being that I am not fond of zoos, I find this collection of photographs disconcerting and downright creepy.

Both Sides of the Line
Photography by Steve Simon

Blame Canada for this “5,500 mile road trip crisscrossing the imaginary line that makes up the largest undefended border in the world.”

Blue Earth Alliance Website


  1. d.

    they are truly breathtaking

  2. Logan

    I have that EXACT same shirt. It’s cool. It matches her sofa.

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