Crystal Harris Denies Affair With Dr. Phil’s Son

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris called off their wedding yesterday, and now rumors are surfacing that Harris carried on an affair with songwriter Jordan McGraw, son of Dr. Phil McGraw.  Despite having been spotted together at Chateau Marmont back in March, Harris’s manager, Michael Blakey told People that these rumors are “absolutely not true.”  Blakey continued, “This is pure fabrication. There is no relationship, nor has there ever been one. This is a stupid rumor.”

Harris just so happens to be releasing a song she co-wrote with McGraw on Itunes this coming Monday. “They wrote a song together and that was the extent of their relationship,” said Blakey.  Okay, we get it! We’ll buy the song!

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Harris and Hefner were supposed to marry at the Playboy mansion this coming Saturday, but Hef tweeted yesterday that “the wedding is off.  Crystal has had a change of heart.”  They traveled together to attend the Playboy London club opening gala in the city’s Mayfair neighborhood back on June 4th.

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