After Being Photographed By Me, Javier Bardem Picked Up Penelope Cruz And Hit The Town

How come these two didn’t invite me along in their official debut as a couple? I’m fun and I can probably drink the two of them under the damn table. Then again, I don’t want to see Penny Cruz drunk. I would have no idea what the hell she was talking about for sure. After the Gotham Awards on Tuesday night in NYC, Javier Bardem and companions Penelope Cruz and Bardem’s co-star in “No Country For Old Men” Josh Brolin did the town. They hit the bar at 60 Thompson Hotel where they unfortunately had the bad luck to roll up on Lydia Hearst trying to sell her new line of purses. Ugh. They were also attacked by the paps at Socialista. Bardem and crew got in, and a doorman held off the photogs. Until a few slipped in and went full on flashbulb nightmare on the trio. The owner wasn’t having it and put the kibosh on it. Reports say that “Armin called the police and forced the photographers to surrender their memory cards.” Armin Armiri is the owner in question, and he gave the memory cards to Javier, Penelope and Josh. Penelope Cruz is probably like “what is this? It’s the size of a fingernail and holds pictures? Brilliant!” You know she’s new to the ways of the world.