Cristiano Ronaldo Wanted To F*** F*** His Baby Momma

July 18th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Who needs a 9-to-5 when the richest soccer player ever could turn your no-money waitressing job into a $15.1 million agreement that has you set for life?

But even with all his Louis Vuitton man bags and his refusal to leave the house in anything else but super gelled hair and bling earrings (like back in South Africa for the World Cup), it’s still upsetting that Cristiano Ronaldo‘s pick-up line towards his future baby momma was, “Me, You, F***, F***.”


Although the woman still remains nameless, UK’s The Mirror is reporting that Cristiano’s one-night stand was to a “penniless American waitress” who is now set for the rest of her life since Cristiano’s mom, Dolores, refuses to allow her grandson’s mother to look poor compared to the swanky upbringing they plan on raising the baby in.

As reports have already stated, baby Cristiano will be raised exclusively by his family in Portugal and daddy Cristiano is claiming that he won’t tell his son who his mother is until he’s 18!

Damn, baby momma drama is so complicated. Don’t be a punk, Cristiano. You need to start redeeming yourself after dropping the worst pick-up line ever. I still can’t believe she went for that.

By Priscilla Rios

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