Cristiano Ronaldo Likes Subtle PDA

What happens when two super-attractive, scantily-clad individuals
decide to get all cozy and cuddly in public? Magic. Well, maybe not
magic, but whatever you would call the exact opposite of this. Yikes.

Here are pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese soccer player,
who in addition to playing for Manchester United and the Portugese
national team, also hits this piece on the regular. Ha! Why am I
suddenly speaking straight dude? Sigh. It’s that time of day.

In any case, these two skin-baring hot bodies engaged in a romantic
romp during their vacation in Sardinia and being rich must be a serious
aphrodisiac because they look ready to start humping. The girl in the
photos is Nereida Gallardo and apparently, the two of them have been
dating since January and according to the Daily Mail, insiders say “Their relationship is looking pretty serious.”

But then again, this is a guy who was apparently connected to
five call girls last year. Hmm, if this doesn’t work out, maybe Denise Richards
would like a crack at this guy.