Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Sexiest Man Alive

May 28th, 2009 // 10 Comments

According the the readers of Britain’s Gay Times, Cristiano Ronaldo is the sexiest man alive. The soccer player is known for his manscaping and overall grooming skills, tight short shorts and his love of shopping.

He beat actor James Franco and Aussie sportsman Matthew Matcham in The GT annual Readers’ Awards.

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has been voted Sports Personality of the Year while pop star Kylie Minogue was named the top Female Gay icon.

Congrats to Cristiano on the is esteemed honor!

Gallery Info: Cristiano Ronaldo looks very fashionable while out walking the Manchester streets

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. gossiper

    Greasy, more like. Step away from the hair product.

  2. flirtlikecrazy

    R u freakin’ kiddin’ me?!!

  3. Dez

    Where’s his “man-purse”?

  4. Sandra

    Sexiest man alive?! Ewwww!

    He looks like a retard, acts like an idiot and is vulgar beyond words. Overpaid kid who runs after a ball, with no grace whatsoever. Ewww!

  5. Jack H

    Sexier than Leo Messi? Don’t be absurd.

  6. ebnaazer

    “Jack H says:
    Sexier than Leo Messi? Don’t be absurd.”

    You have a very valid point.

  7. CARON

    That short greasy thing. looks deformed and as ugly as heel, does not have a face for fotos, his face and body is to be behind doors. Cristiano Ronaldo has a body, face, and personality and talent to be shown in every Tv and newspapers, in every media space, he just has it all, so, jealousy , there is plenty goingaround. CR is very , very sexy, no other sportsman has it, not, even DB had it. This has it all.VIVA CRISTIANO RONALDO, you are a good role model for all kids round the world, I for one do not beleive in media, or, rumours, and so far that is all it is being said about you.I think you are a very decet guy, and the media is turning th whole thing just to sell. Keep it up.

  8. Ucbftubr

    LOf9d2 comment3 ,

  9. kingsley

    hi a sex that ronney i him his feet and body sexing man

  10. caron

    you cannot compare messi to ronaldo.Ronaldo is very sexy and very goodlooking , messi is ugly and very unsexy doesnt do it for me at all and many , many people out there who think the same. He has nothing, very ugly man short and very irritating to watch looks like a chcken without a head.NOT SEXY cristiano ronaldo does it for me he is a argentians must accept that there isnt one guy in your team that has it ronaldo

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