Cristiano Ronaldo Defends His Fashion Sense

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his dedication to maintaining a perfectly-chiseled, hairless physique that he loves showing off in the least amount of clothing possible.

But when he does wear clothes, metrosexual Ronaldo seems intent on grabbing as much attention as possible in his trademark tiny shorts, tight shirts and a pink flower tucked conveniently behind one ear.

The jet-setting athlete defends his style choices by asking, “Have you seen what people in LA wear? I was the most normal dressed person over there. Anyway, what’s wrong with wearing tight pants? They look good and it’s better than having tan lines down your legs.”

Ronaldo added, “I can see why, if you weren’t comfortable with your sexuality, you might not wear it. But I’m very comfortable so it’s not a problem for me.” I’m kind of totally on board with him on this line of thinking.

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