Cristiano Ronaldo Channels The Hulk, Gets Penalized

He may not be green, but Cristiano Ronaldo does seem to be evoking The Incredible Hulk. How did he get that amazing set of abs? By doing 3000 situps a day while watching TV.

While he may have thrilled fans by ripping off his shirt after scoring a goal, the refs weren’t too thrilled. He received a yellow card for taking his top off and, five minutes later, was handed a second for kicking out at Almeria defender Juanma Ortiz, 27.

His team eventually triumphed 4-2 over La Liga rivals Almeria, and this is what Ronaldo had to say about his yellow cards.

“I’m human and made a mistake. I have my flaws but I am a professional who doesn’t like to miss. I was sent off because I reacted instinctively. I also wish to apologise for that.”

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