Cristiano Ronaldo Attracts The Ladies With His Fierce Tan

These days, Cristiano Ronaldo has clearly put soccer on the back burner, clearly focusing on spending his time either sunbathing or hooking up with the ladies.

On a particularly successful evening out at a bar in Beverly Hills, Ronaldo seduced three lovely ladies and brought them back to his hotel room with a wink and a smile.

The Portugese athlete was making out with a mystery brunette when two ladies arrived at the hot spot. One of the women told The Sun, “He was kissing the girl and staring at us. He made eye contact and threw a sexy, knowing wink. He knows his effect on women.”

From there, the ladies engaged in a sexy dance-off that didn’t end until the gang left at 4 a.m. That’s the time at which his little shorts turn into tiny pumpkins.

Gallery Info: Cristiano Ronaldo sunbathes by the pool.