Cristiano Ronaldo Dons A Speedo

April 25th, 2006 // 13 Comments

What better way to celebrate the spring weather, than photos of Cristiano Ronaldo in a Speedo. Click on the images for the full view.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Shari

    Actually, you are wrong on this one. He’s wearing a square cut suit. I saw it on other blogs (he is standing). Regardless, he’s very sexy and could wear anything he wants.

  2. frederick

    Ladies, if there’s anything to admire about him, it’s definetly his feet.

  3. Girly Girl


    Jealous much? We admire him for his soccer skills…

  4. Umm

    There’s no bulge at all.

  5. ravenswing

    LOL girly girl

    I can completely understand the look on his companion’s face ;)

  6. Baby_Face

    Chris is a total babe n a half!!! i soo totally love u…omg n who ever dat chick is in da pic is such a lucky biaTch!!!!!…..
    Mwwaaaaaaaaahh….xxxx oooo

  7. Jazz

    That’s Merche Romero…his 30 year old girlfriend…
    she’s a cradle snatcher that one is…

  8. Baby_Face

    LMAO..LMAO….oooh okay thankz 4 da info jazz!! lol…shes soo lucky! just 2 be near him!!! aaarrhhh!!! wow ronaldo mst lyk older chickz!! ooh well…newayz i dnt think itz gonna last!!

  9. sharif

    ò merche faz-lhe um broche para ver se ele marca golos no Mundial para ganharmos a taça. E enquanto ele lá estiver podes dar a cona rapadinha aos portugueses para engarem a crise e esquecerem a merda de vida que alguns têm e outros tendo dinheiro também tem cancro. avc e outras merdas mais

  10. ???????//

    i dont fink she is pretty ata ll she is old n everfin lol e is so hot but with her taggin along on his arm makes him look raw if i was him i would drop her quick she is spoilin ur reputation

  11. Loulou

    WAT A LUCKY B*TCH! When can tell he is in no way interested in her and her old a$$. Look out for me hunny!

  12. kati

    i cant believe he even likes her! ronny could do so much better. hes got a life to live (hes only jst 21) and dnt need to settel down jst yet. have sum more fun!

  13. Isabel

    she’s a lovely girl! great person. have sucess in portugal and she is good professional… so don’t talk what u DON’T KNOW!! DO YOURSELVES A FAVOUR… SHUT UP!!!!

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