Cristiano Ronaldo Swings

October 6th, 2005 // 33 Comments


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. loloo

    Looks like he needs to strap that thing down next time…it might fly out and poke someon ein the eye.

  2. A Boy and His Dog

    Hello… When they said keep you eyes on the ball, they wern’t talking about those balls!

  3. Mariana

    Hey now!

  4. bitty boop


  5. lolainthecity

    Suddenly I want to watch soccer more….


  6. Gossip Guru

    I suddenly have a new found love for soccer!

  7. tempy

    Christian Ronaldo is so fine. I would grab that stick and the balls….soccer ball I meant.

  8. ed

    that’s nice…if you are a fag.

  9. Gossip Guru

    Ugly as sin, but hung like a horse. I am in love!

  10. So hot! Like all my fellowcountry men!

  11. Satan's Lapdog

    Sorry to ruin the fun but that’s totally photoshopped. They wear athletic supporters and plastic cups so there’s no way his rock hard hog would be sticking out like that unless he wasn’t wearing a cup which would really put him at risk for injury.

    “Yes I’m an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.”

  12. zarinah


  13. Jane

    Good lord, he could put someone’s eye out with that thing. He can start trying to do so with me! Yowza! Now THAT’S meat, unlike that hideous display of baby-dick that Costner was sporting on here the other day!!!

  14. TasAnnie

    Maybe he just left his keys in his pocket.

  15. smelly

    nope. footballers don’t wear any protective gear around there. that’s why you see them protecting their thing with their hands during free kicks… if you know football or soccer for some.

  16. Jean Jeannie


  17. snn

    my god, i LOVE MAN. UTD!!! and cristiano ronaldo is such a world-class player!!!

  18. a

    satan’s lapdig they do not wear ‘athletic supports’ or ‘cups’ they need to run. if you ever watch football check the behaviour of the people in the wall…
    also CR is alledgedly implicated in a rape case atm you guys should read more of the sun

  19. John Garvey

    I wake up in the morning with one of those…. well not quite that swingy and long.

  20. Kidney Stoner

    You could hang a leather trenchcoat offa that thing.

  21. anon

    Yeah, funny, but I think it’s more like his shorts are being pulled by the other guy or something. Football players do that kind of stuff all the time, pulling shirts etc (they usually get penalised for it too if the ref sees it).

  22. iluvStuds

    I wish we, as a country are more interested in soccer cause there are soooo many HOT soccer players.Most of them have tone lean muscular body.At least they are not like our “300lbs of meatball” football players,ewwwww

  23. Danielle x

    i love ronaldo xx n this just makes me like him more .. Yeah Baby !! LoL XXX Danielle xx

  24. Lauren

    OMG Ronaldo is soooooo fit I’m like in love with him. And btw im gonna marry him and you’re all invited 2 my wedding!! :)

  25. mrs ronaldo

    uh no ure not I am!!

  26. april

    you lot are bare sad get ova it da blak guis pulin is shorts even if youve ronaldo gets wet if u take time to look at it youd realise there was sumink else down der wen es tryna squeese da water out of it lol o an by da wai da gal in dem pics is his gal friend sukas m8 i dnt even no y es in england he dont like english gals why dont e just move to anuva club u get me im english maself write non of us english av got a chance so my advice to you is get ova him b4 e lets it out dat es wid dat gal kk

    if any of u wana add me to your msn

  27. laura

    hi cristiano ronlado is fit : )

  28. hi Ronaldo ur fit n i luv u can i b ur gf call me : )

  29. Ona

    is anybody hears about this taht cris raped someone…??

  30. sophia butt no1 fan of ronaldo

    c ronaldo has been accused of rape whoever dun this is a mothers cunt hes soooo fit how cod u do it

  31. Carly

    Don’t think he dun it if ya ask me! it’ll probly b sum1 he met nd slept with and she’s now trying 2 get into the spot light!!Hope he neva dun it coz he’s well stunnin!

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  33. sarah

    i dont believe negative news about him,he is very nice person,humble and so srong cristiano..

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