Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Wet

September 6th, 2005 // 64 Comments

More goodies after the jump.

(Thanks to K.D. for the photos)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Gossip Guru

    OK, Who is that? He is really cute, and really dorky! And he has a pretty nice package.

  2. ouch!

    Ok….why does he look like he got hit by a 2×4 in the first and last picture? Nice body, but those pics just make him look goofy

  3. He is my fellow countryman, he is a very good soccer player. He plays for some team in England, I wanna say Manchester United. Anyway, he is only 19 or 20 yrs old, he makes a ton of money with soccer, endorsments, and playing for our Portuguese National Soccer team at major games.

  4. Oh and he is sooo HOT! I would totally do him, hehe.

  5. he plays for the portugal national team and manchester united club team…he’s young, HOT and a really good soccer player

  6. ella

    Oh yeah! He is fine and I would totally do him too!

    Thanks for the fine view Miu!

  7. raevee nyc

    Two Questions:
    1. Who is he?
    2. Where has he been all my life?

  8. Sweet Serenity

    I’d do him in a heartbeat

  9. Helen

    WTF…come on, this posting is pretty damn late. Miu & Co…you gotta do weekend postings and keep up with the other sites. Slacking there girls.

    But…a good Tuesday morning picture.

  10. Sarah

    i’ve seen him a few times at various football matches – trust me, he isn’t hot at all. just really annoying, show offish and camp.

  11. If he gets that underbite fixed he’ll be hot.

  12. Eunatã

    very cat! very dog! very hot!

  13. Eunatã

    very like!!!

  14. mnc

    puurrrr… sweet

  15. miguelito

    ^girl, whatchu talkin bout? if ever there was a perfect soccer face, its ronaldo’s

  16. miguelito

    ^girl, whatchu talkin bout? if ever there was a perfect soccer face, its ronaldo’s

  17. tessy

    he looks kinda gay though. Not exactly my type of guy. That girl in the bikini has the most perfect behind.

  18. Chinchilla

    Nice package but shame about the horse teeth.

  19. bb

    he shouldnt laugh like eyore

  20. HOT HOT HOT.

    Wouldn’t mind being a goal keeper for him.

  21. zz

    if hes into the black girls, give him my

    and by the way hes a 20 year old portuguese striker for englands Manchester United, not only is he cute, well could use some dental work, but hes a great player

  22. SpikeSpanker

    I cant seem to figure out if he is Cut or Uncut
    Any ideas???

  23. ILoverenaldo

    He is the sexiest man around. If only I could see him just once. lol

    Did anyone watch the game during the cup last year when he took off his shirt?

    Holy shit, I thought i was going to die. lol

    sexiest guy. hes young, rich, sexy, and looks like he can please any women with that thing in his pants. it looks huge. lol

    there are a lot of good pics online, just google him.

  24. Megan

    Omg Ronaldo is THE most fittest male footballer ever!!! u wnt show off…(david beckham) class player but shows of more than ronaldo!
    its because ronaldo has a nice body that he can show it off !
    MeGaN x x

  25. elisa

    hes a gotties this 1

  26. Resh


  27. Ronaldo_Luva

    Absolute bloody beauty. hes so georgous its unbelievable. He is so my future husband XXXXXXX

  28. xXx LuCy xXx

    i agree with everyone when they say Cristiano is good looking and has a great figure but i also think he is a very talented footballer, this year, he won the FIFpro XI award for youngest player of the year, as voted by the fans and he won player of the year (Sir Matt Busby award) in 03/04 i think but this shows how much talent he has at such i young age to, its sweet :P keep it up Ronaldo! hope you do well in the future!!!!!
    you gotta admit
    he is the most good-looking footballer in the world ;)

  29. Perri


  30. FranKie

    HEs HOOOOOTTTTT… a show off.. because maybe he’s got something to show off.. TALENTED.. those MAADDDDASSSS DRIBBLING.. AGHHH *faints… AND ThAT SMILEE!!!!!!!… AGHHHHHHHh.. id love him FOREVER… omgg.. even if he breaks a leg and not able to play soccer no more even if hes old and wrinkli and fat and bald… if his teeth gets even more screwed up.. AGhhhh!!! ill just Love HIM FOREVER!!!… he is not a striker.. he plays winger.. fyi… but he’s a goooddd goalshoooter.. becauseeee AGAIN.. TALENTED.. HE can do EverYthing DAVID BECKHAM CAN!!.. agghhh and he is soo dammmnn RAPE-ABLE!!!!

  31. Steven

    he and beckham prove soccer players are the sexiest athletes in the world!!!!

  32. Mike

    hang’n to the left=straight dude, hang’n right=gay, hang’n down=old dude

  33. mimi

    soooooooooooooooooooooo hot and im his biggest fan ever love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    mwa cristiano ronaldo

  34. bridie

    ronaldo is so lush i wish i could just touch him he is so sexy and is a hunk

  35. becki

    hi he can be with me anyday

  36. patricia ferreira

    eu te amo

  37. pronaldo

    im gonna play with him one day

  38. aNg n jess

    we want 2 fuk christiano ronaldo soo hard! hes soooo gawjes!!! we wanna suck his penis!

  39. CRISTIANO is the sexiest man on Earth !!! No matter what,he always will be one of my favourites players, but if he did something bad (like a rape !!! ) he will be just my favourite player,the sexiest !!!Like man…Anyway,I hope he won`t let us down !!! What healthy girl doesn`t love him ??? Every one loves Cristiano:Man utd`s fans,girls,gays,all Portugal & of course all the people who loves football,including other team`s fans, but they don`t admit that! ~~~Cris,don`t let us down,we love you !

  40. Jodie x~x

    cristiano is soooo fit xx~xx

  41. rach

    i think tht christiano ronaldo is sooooooooooooooo hot and i love him 2 he is a great player and i love him for tht room is covered in him and i have all his shirts and a singned photo frame tht is on my wall i love him lve rach xxxxxxx

  42. loko plovdiv

    Bulgarien uber alles.WE ARE THE BEST!!!Bulgarian national team.Mitko Berbatov N1

  43. ronaldo is so buff its unbelievable! n he has got a big dick, all the lucky bitches, that fucked say so! i wish i could meet him! omg he is sooo FUCKABLE! XXX

  44. Naomi

    hi i am from jamaica and i think that cristiano is really hott but those pics are disturbing and good luck to him in the world cup

  45. hi its owen i wont you to do this qize for me do you really know me you lost the bet about the houres racing you lost 10000000000 million im sorry to here that love owen x xxxx xxx

  46. reinna73

    he plays for manchester united in england, and portugal’s national team.

    he’s young – maybe 21.

    he is an awesome soccer player – his foot skills are unbelievable.

    oh, yeah – he’s also my imaginary boyfriend. lol.

  47. sara

    oh my god these pics r cracking me up! i dont kno whether to be turned on or feel sik @ da sight of his teeth! why do all the ronaldos have bad teeth? lol but he is dam rite sexy in those hot pants1

  48. ure look so hot…
    i like it…
    can ure be my frend…

  49. serious

    dammmmnnnnnn! he is so fione! and THICK! I luv dem country types. i luv dem trunks, dey do him so much justice. So he’s on the black chicks, well thats the best way.

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