Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. David Beckham; Soccer Stud Face Off!

Kick, pass, GOALLLLL! That’s about as much as anyone needs to know about soccer in my opinion! I honestly don’t understand how anyone can actually focus on the sport when there are so many bona fide hotties running around!

I now break this soccer war down to two specific men, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham of course! Since I am obviously not a soccer fanatic I’m only going to speak on what I know.

With that said, we have Mr. Ronaldo; he is a Portugese god and does the world good by flaunting that flawless tan and those pearly whites on and off the field! On the other hand we have Mr. Beckham; he has the whole sexy bad-boy thing going for him with those gorgeous tatted arms but has us all embracing his adorable daddy skills!

Let me know who you all think is the ultimate soccer stud, and read on to find out who I chose to win the World Cup of sexiness!

This my friends was a very hard decision and I although I was a little on the fence with a true winner I came to a final decision! David Beckham takes the cake for me on this soccer face off; what can I say, I’m a sucker for men with tattoos!