Cristiano Ronaldo Spotted With Irina Shayk Amidst Her Stalker Issues

Cristiano on a yacht
The soccer star vacations in Saint Tropez.
Cristiano Ronaldo puts a protective arm around girlfriend Irina Shayk who plays coy with the camera as they take a walk today with friends in New York City earlier today (June 19, 2013).

Shayk has reason to be camera shy, she’s dealing with a not very fun issue of being victim to a stalker. Irina Shayk is reportedly attempting to get a restraining order against a man who has been pestering her for two years.

According to New York Post, police have confirmed the story. It is alleged the unnamed man has been seen on CCTV footage taken from the building and has also been sending Irina presents, including flowers, over the last two years. 

He reportedly broke into the model’s home when it was being worked on after it was flooded during Super storm Sandy last year.

“She returned to find the intruder in the apartment but managed to run out and call 911. When cops arrived, the man had already left. Shayk filed a complaint, but no arrests were made,” reports the publication.

On Sunday the apparent stalker returned to the apartment block, so Irina again filed paperwork with police and is now said to be trying to get a restraining order.

According to the publication, the star was later heard discussing the incident with a friend while she was out shopping. She was apparently heard saying she was “super freaked out”.

“She was going up and down the aisles, telling a friend she has a stalker [who showed up at her apartment again] and how scared she is,” an onlooker claimed. “She wasn’t whispering. I’d never met her before, but I wanted to pull her aside to tell her that the middle of a packed store was [not the place] to talk about that subject matter.”

Eeek! I’d certainly be concerned as well. Thank goodness Cristiano took time out of his tanning vacation to be by her side.

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