Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off His Legs In Some Short Shorts, Real Madrid Is Worried About Him

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Like when does Cristiano Ronaldo not look good? This guy could dress like Shia LaBoeuf and still look hot as hell!

The superstar showed off his acting skills during a training session with Real Madrid. The 29-year-old was very expressive throughout the training, making faces and gesturing excessively with his hands. But when is Cristiano Ronaldo not dramatic?

Whatever the case, his super-toned body and legs looked great in short shorts and tight-fitting sports attire. 

He and his team will take on Sevilla in the EUFA Super Cup final tomorrow, but Real Madrid is worried about Ronaldo and his knee injury. The coaching staff and directors are worried about his long-term fitness and well-being. He is their best player after all…

Ronaldo is the kind of player that “wants to play every minute of every game,” but an injury like his (a degenerative knee condition called tendonosis) requires rest in order to heal. And rest is what he hasn’t been getting. This summer he represented his country at the World Cup in Brazil, and had to return back to train with Madrid as soon as the games ended.

He seems to be OK by the looks of his Instagram. He posted this picture on Friday:

We’ll just have to hope that he heals this injury so that we can watch him and his perfectly-sculpted body play more soccer! Launch the gallery to check out photos of Ronaldo and his short shorts!