Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless & Baby Mama Drama

While all may look calm in Cristiano Ronaldo’s world, the mother of his baby may be about to change all of that.

Until now Cristiano, seen here on vacation in the Maldives with girlfriend Iriana Shayk, has kept secret the name, age and even nationality of the mother after she gave up her rights to the child in exchange for a $10 million payment.

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According to the Sunday Mirror can reveal she is a woman aged 20 who now bitterly regrets her decision and phones ex-Manchester United ace Ronaldo regularly in tears begging for a chance to meet her baby. And the mother – who became ­pregnant after a one-night stand with Ronaldo – claims she is even prepared to give his millions back, insisting she has changed her mind about the deal.

This is about to get interesting folks. Meanwhile, launch the gallery an enjoy these shirtless photos of Cristiano Ronaldo.